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Hello, We Are Sleepy Joey by Plush Affairs :)

Sleepy Joey is a Lifestyle Photography company established in 2020 at Mumbai, Maharashtra.


The vision of Sleepy Joey is to cover the true and unadulterated emotions of the purest bonds of motherhood and to make all those sparkling smiles a memory of a lifetime.
Photographs” have the  ability to take you back in time, so you can relive the beautiful moments in life and come back to reality in the gasp of a second.

At Sleepy Joey we give you lifestyle photography solutions for maternity, baby, kids and family photography.

The company was incepted by Sanyogita Sao and Apoorv Mohan Shrivastav, who are the founders of Plush Affairs, a wedding photography company established in 2014 along with a group of talented photographers and artists from their team.


We believe good pictures are made with the right technique and the perfect amount of effort in framing, and our team try their best to unfold these moments in the most magical way possible, so it always gets a smile on your face every time you see it.

Apoorv & Sanyogita


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